Baby, You’re so Classic

In 2014, I read as much as I could. I recall going to the bookstores in Norway, and buying 2 or 3 books at one time. I could have read for a day straight and not have gotten bored by it. If I can count properly, I read at least a minimum of 12 books throught 2014.

The only problem I had: I don’t remember any of the story plots. My main goal in 2015 is to write down all the books I have read and write a quick summary of it. I also am attempting to read more of the classic books like Frankenstien, Dracula, and A Tale of Two Cities.

Luckly for me, I got lovely books for presents this year. My beautiful and wonderful sister gave my four books and I am estatic to read them.


15 Things You Should Stop Saying To Girls With Tattoos

Basically the definition of my life, especially number 5

Thought Catalog

1. «But you’re so pretty!»

I’m not sure if you’re saying girls with tattoos are less pretty, or…? (And I think my tattoos are pretty, and they make me feel pretty, which is more than I can say for your complisult.)

2. «Aren’t you worried about sagging/what they’ll look like when you get older?»

You know what I’ll look like when I get older? An awesome old lady with tattoos.

3. «I don’t usually like girls with tattoos.»

Congratulations. The tattoo-free ones are still out there. Even if you’re following this up with «… but yours are okay,» it still feels like there was some serious initial judgment.

4. «Well, I wouldn’t get that.»

Well, it’s a good thing it’s not on your body, isn’t it?

5. [if you’re a total stranger] «But what does it mean?!»

Do you realize the potential can of worms you’re opening up here? Do you…

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The World is Calling My Name

«The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.»

St. Agustine

I arrived home to Madison, Wi in June and I am already wanting to go somewhere else! I know, I know, I’ve only been home for almost six months, but the beautiful world we live on is calling me to explore.

Only problem? I want to go everywhere.

My main dream is to be able to see The Seven Wonders of the New World.

Taj_Mahal_2012 Christ the Redeemer 2

In my eyes, people can read all they want about The Great Wall of China or The Taj Mahal, but to actually see these in person will be completely different. The reality of being in the presence of something so wonderful and magnificent could possibly be life changing.

As a whole, we live in an amazing, fascinating, large, beautiful, and diverse world.

For all you reading this, if you were given an expense free trip, minus gifts/food, where would you go?

Comment below!

Stay beautiful! ❤



What It’s Like To Be In Love When You Have Depression

Thought Catalog

“No one will love you until you learn to love yourself” is an easy enough phrase to believe is true. But it’s terrifying, especially when you have depression. What if you never learn? As a teenager, it made me fear for my life as an adult. I was certain I would never be capable of being in a relationship, but I was very wrong. Honestly, I do not like myself very much, and in August of 2013, a boy fell very, very much in love with me.

I have dealt with depression for as long as I can remember. I’ve been on and off medications, been to therapy, but it’s still alive and well, comfortable in its home in my bones. I can feel it every day, a tiny inkling that causes breathtaking emotional pain at the most inconvenient of times.

My depression doesn’t care that I am in a…

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Too Early For NYE Plans?

I am extremely pumped for my New Years Eve plans. I get to visit my sister in LA for about 5 days! I am excited to get away from the dreadful, bleak winters of Madison, WI. Don’t get me wrong, winter is a beautiful and wonderful season. Drinking hot chocolate, watching netflix without question, and sledding are all great things about winter, but I am more a flipflop, shorts and tank top type of person.

Instead of winter coats and Ugg boots, I will spending 5 glorious days in the sun and warm weather. It will be nice to be able to wear a pair of shorts during the last week of December, even though it may freak me out a little. I can’t wait for shopping, the beach, attempting to get a somewhat version of a tan, and everything Los Angelos has to offer me during that time period.

So too all my beautiful, fabulous readers:

Is it too early to know what I am doing for New Years Eve? Do you know what you are doing for New Years Eve? Comment away!

Stay Beautiful

Lucy ❤


But are you actually?

Hi, my name is Lucy McChesney. I am 19 years old and I am bisexual.

In March, my parents came to visit me in Norway. I was ecstatic to see them considering that I have not seen them since I left the states. On the other hand, I felt like I was going to exploded because I had very big news I had to tell them. Later that night, I came out to my parents as bisexual. In a later post, I will give THE WHOLE STORY behind me coming out.

I would like to say somethings first:

1. Yes, I like both men and women.
2. No, I am not willing to have a threesome with you.
3. Yes, I love women as equally as men.
4. Nothing in life «made» me the way I am. I have always known.
5. If I am dating a woman, it is no different if I was dating a man.

One thing that shocked me the most was the fact people asked me, «Are you actually though?» Sexuality is a very serious, complex, and hard thing to understand and even sometimes accept. If I was not bisexual, I would not say that I was. It took me almost 19 full years to actually accept that I am. I have known I have been attracted to girls at a very young age. I remember being around 6 or 7 years old and forming crushes on some of them. I also knew I found boys my age attractive to. I just did not know what the word was at the time.

I know some of you will ask, «How did you know so young?», or something on the lines of that.

So to all the people who read this and identify as straight, let me ask you this one question:

How did you know you were straight?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Stay beautiful!
Lucy ❤


A Canadian’s View On Our Disrespect Of President Obama’s Presidency

The Fifth Column

America – He’s Your President for Goodness Sake!

By William Thomas

There was a time not so long ago when Americans, regardless of their political stripes, rallied round their president. Once elected, the man who won the White House was no longer viewed as a republican or democrat, but the President of the United States. The oath of office was taken, the wagons were circled around the country’s borders and it was America versus the rest of the world with the president of all the people at the helm.

Suddenly President Barack Obama, with the potential to become an exceptional president has become the glaring exception to that unwritten, patriotic rule.

Four days before President Obama’s inauguration, before he officially took charge of the American government, Rush Limbaugh boasted publicly that he hoped the president would fail. Of course, when the president fails the country flounders. Wishing harm upon…

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