15 Things You Should Stop Saying To Girls With Tattoos

Basically the definition of my life, especially number 5

Thought Catalog

1. «But you’re so pretty!»

I’m not sure if you’re saying girls with tattoos are less pretty, or…? (And I think my tattoos are pretty, and they make me feel pretty, which is more than I can say for your complisult.)

2. «Aren’t you worried about sagging/what they’ll look like when you get older?»

You know what I’ll look like when I get older? An awesome old lady with tattoos.

3. «I don’t usually like girls with tattoos.»

Congratulations. The tattoo-free ones are still out there. Even if you’re following this up with «… but yours are okay,» it still feels like there was some serious initial judgment.

4. «Well, I wouldn’t get that.»

Well, it’s a good thing it’s not on your body, isn’t it?

5. [if you’re a total stranger] «But what does it mean?!»

Do you realize the potential can of worms you’re opening up here? Do you…

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