Too Early For NYE Plans?

I am extremely pumped for my New Years Eve plans. I get to visit my sister in LA for about 5 days! I am excited to get away from the dreadful, bleak winters of Madison, WI. Don’t get me wrong, winter is a beautiful and wonderful season. Drinking hot chocolate, watching netflix without question, and sledding are all great things about winter, but I am more a flipflop, shorts and tank top type of person.

Instead of winter coats and Ugg boots, I will spending 5 glorious days in the sun and warm weather. It will be nice to be able to wear a pair of shorts during the last week of December, even though it may freak me out a little. I can’t wait for shopping, the beach, attempting to get a somewhat version of a tan, and everything Los Angelos has to offer me during that time period.

So too all my beautiful, fabulous readers:

Is it too early to know what I am doing for New Years Eve? Do you know what you are doing for New Years Eve? Comment away!

Stay Beautiful

Lucy ❤


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