Good Start So Far!

For the past month or so, I have sent in over 30 resumes and applications. I have spent hours searching for jobs, doing online applications, selling myself and strengths through emails, and driving around Madison, WI to all the different shopping areas. Let’s just say, my bank account was not happy with all the money i’ve spent on gas.
After not hearing from any places and getting rejected from my dream job at Urban Outfitters, I started to lose faith. I started think it’s because I haven’t had a job for almost a year or it’s because I have limited references. I also started freaking out over every little thing and wonder why places were’t calling me back. I’m quite overdramatic at times like these. Applying for jobs obviously causes stress in my life.
SO FINALLY TODAY, yes TODAY!, I finally got two emails back! One job for a hostess and one for a nanny! I am excited to see how the interviews go and see if I get them.

So for all the people out there applying for jobs, is it also hard for you guys to find a job? Where is your dream place to work at if you had a choice?

Stay Beautiful ❤



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