Summer Lovin’

Summer is fast approaching! That means long hot days at the pool, drinking iced teas and Americano’s from local coffee shops near my house, my birthday, getting frozen custard from my favorite custard place in Madison, driving arounds with my car windows down blasting music, getting tan, my hair gets lighter, long nights with my closest friends, going on adventures, and memories to make. Summer, by far, is my favorite season.

Probably my favorite song that makes me love song is Summer Love by Justin Timberlake. It brings back a memory of when two of my friends from Illinois visited me in the summer of 2007. My dad was driving us to Target and it brings back the happiest memories.

Sadly, this summer is going to be slightly different. In the past, I had empty days to do whatever I want. I could wake up at noon, enjoy a late breakfast, and make plans with my friends to see what we should do. The days seemed limitless. 

This summer, I will be finding a job to work part time. Hopefully, I will get a job in retail at my favorite store called Urban Outfitters. I will also be taking an ACT class to improve my score for when I apply to colleges in the fall. I will also try to take a few drop in dance classes at a studio! Even though that doesn’t seem like a lot, I know it will be time consuming. 

I know I will have days where I won’t be working. I will still be able to make memories and have fun. Summer is basically the definition of fun!

What are your plans for summer? Are you excited to do something? Let me know and comment!

Stay beautiful people!



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