A Year In Norway!

As I mentioned in my first post, I am currently living in Norway! Now you are probably thinking,»Why is she living all the way in Norway? Isn’t it freezing ALL the time? I wonder if she has seen any polar bears.»

Well to answer the first question, I am living in Norway because I got accepted in a year long program for dance. There is also vocal, musical, band, and film in my program too. It’s a great little break from all the stress from high school like test homework. I know right? A year without homework and test! Who would’t like that? I also needed a little break before attending a college. 

BUT, I am getting quite off the topic of my year in the beautiful country of Norway! I have had a great experience here. When I first arrived at my program in August, all I wanted to do was go back home to Madison where all my friends were. I felt awkward and out of place. All I could think about going home in December for Christmas. After a month or so of being at the school, I made a group of friends and my life hasn’t been the same!

I loved dancing in Norway. I feel like I have improved performance and technique wise! Also the performance we did in early March was so much fun to do. Everybody did a solo and was in a few group dances. Personally, my favorite dance was our hip hop dance which we dressed up in 1920’s themes outfits. The whole experience was just life changing. It reminded me of recital time at my studio in Madison with the quick changes and hair style changes! I’ll post about my solo in a more personal blog entry!

My dance class during the first semester took a trip to Berlin, Germany! When we arrived to the hostel, we only had a short time to get lunch, then we were off sightseeing. I was just in Berlin about a month before hand for our fall break with my sister. So all the things my class saw, I already seen and I could give a little more information. We also saw 3 performances and part of a film festival with the film class! With all that, we still managed to get some shopping done! 

During the first week of April, the musical class and mine went off to London! It was spectacular. It was nice going to a place were they spoke English again. For the dance class, we went to this dance studio called Pineapple. My friend, Heidi, and I took a hula class! I mean, why not take a hula class? We were in London so why not try something new? We thought it was going to be grass skirts and coconut bras, but it was extremely difficult! The next day, my legs we sore beyond belief! But we took a tour of a dance school called The Place, went shopping on oxford street, saw The Lion King, two dance performances, and went to a museum. On the last full day in London, I got my lip pierced! 

I have made so many friends and made so many memories during this year. I would not have changed this for anything. I am so glad I stayed for the whole year and did not drop out.

Fpr all those travelers out there, why do you love traveling? What was your favorite place you have ever been to? Where is your dream place to travel to? Let me know and leave a comment!

Stay beautiful people




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